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When we consider the seasons of our human life—spring, summer, autumn, and winter—we think of summer as mature adulthood. It is the season of our peak productivity, the time when we make our mark on the world.

I have passed through the summer of my life, and am in the season of autumn. I can’t say I let go of summer easily. I have wanted to extend my period of prolific creativity, even though I know I have lost much of my strength and my ability to compete in the workplace.

But recently, I’ve been called by the sweet voice of wisdom to try something new. I’ve resisted this call, even though I’ve heard it again and again. The voice tells me it is time to stop pinning my identity on what I accomplish. To stop focusing on what I think I need to do. To let go of roles and titles that previously defined me. To let go of regrets about the mistakes I’ve made.

It is time to stop trying to chart my own course and allow the Spirit to be my pilot. It is time to be still and open my heart to what the universe brings me.

It is time to let go of old hopes and dreams. Now, my only aspiration is to move ever closer to the pure essence of who I really am.

It is time to live as I AM, without adding anything more to that simple statement.

I AM. Free of titles, roles, accomplishments, failures, regrets. Unencumbered by my past. I am simply a channel. Let life happen through me.


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