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Awakening of the muse.

It has been a while since I’ve invited anyone to read a piece of my fiction that I have written. Not since I began my battle with the brain tumor six months ago. I was so exhausted and weak that I didn’t hear a word from my muse. I honestly didn’t think that I would ever write again. Then, about three months ago, I woke up one morning to the sound of chattering in my brain. I told my husband, “My brain is trying to generate another story!” While the tumor, and the surgery to remove it impaired my left hand’s ability to type. I have adopted a new method of handwriting the story with my trusty right hand. Then my wonderful husband reads what I have written into a voice activated program which types his words into the computer. My story is entitled, “Even Though He’s a Preacher’s Son.” It can be found on my website under the short story tab. You can read it for free! The story is set in Martinsville Indiana. I have written stories about every place in which I have ever lived. I was born in Martinsville Hospital, so, I figured I owed Martinsville a story. Also, I have updated my journal account of my journey with my current illness. The journal can be found on the home page of my website.

Ever since “Even Though He’s a Preacher’s Son,” popped into my brain my muse has been working overtime. And the stories continue to roll in. I expect to post more in the weeks to come.


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