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I have written stories set in various places I have lived: rural Brown County, Indiana; Goshen, Indiana; Saint Joseph, Michigan. I’d thought I had covered all the bases.

But a year ago, I realized I had overlooked one place. For a very brief time during my late teen years, I lived in Huron County, Michigan, the northernmost county in Michigan’s thumb. I asked myself why I had never written about that place.

In my contemplation of the matter, I came to realize that my short stay in Huron County had a far greater impact on my life than I have ever given it credit for. Among other formative experiences I had while living there, I met the father of my three children. Certainly, without the gift of those three precious souls, my life wouldn’t have been complete.

Almost as soon as I realized I had overlooked a brief, but significant, era of my life, my novella THE OTHER SIDE OF LAKE HURON alighted in my mind. So here it is, the story that I have long owed Huron County, Michigan.


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