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I am so grateful that I am feeling well enough to continue indulging in my passion of writing stories.

l I have recently added three You can read the stories free of charge. There's nothing to order.

1.  Forever under wraps: If you are a person who has had to work hard to overcome a negative label pinned on you during childhood, this story is especially for you.

2.  Courtesy of an Indiana snowstorm. You may be surprised to know that. Most of my stories are inspired by dreams. And Courtesy of an Indiana snowstorm, is one of those stories It is an imaginary story about how I met my husband. Our meeting didn't happen this way, but in some alternate reality, we could have met like this.  Let me challenge my readers to write your own imaginary stories about how you  met your partner. Set your imagination free and let it run wild and see what happens. It can be quite an adventure. Courtesy of an Indiana snowstorm Is also a  story about a fictional workplace and fictional coworkers. Certainly, each one of you has worked a job where you've had unforgettable coworkers. That is another story that can be written.

3.   No Trespassing  Is another one of my dream-inspired stories. However, it was inspired by, not one dream, but two, on two different nights, in two different months. Then the two dreams wove themselves together into one narrative. One end of the story is grounded In Montpelier, Vermont, and the other is grounded in Lawrence County, Indiana.





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