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I am outraged and heartbroken over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a war that is wreaking havoc in the lives of millions of innocent people. Our planet is in such a fragile state. We are currently facing countless problems associated with climate change, and are struggling to emerge from a global pandemic. How could anyone think of waging a senseless, unprovoked war on top of all that?

The only thought that comforts me is a truth taught in many world religions: good will ultimately triumph over evil. The good that rises up in response to any heinous act far outweighs the evil of that act. In the news, we have already seen and heard about the generous, loving, and selfless acts performed by people all over the world in response to the suffering of the Ukrainian people. More will surely follow.

Our thinking is influenced by our limited human perspectives. At any given point, it may seem that evil is winning. It will take time for us to see the big picture.


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