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My fancy orange daylilies, which bloom in July, are my favorite flowers in my gardens. They are magnificent.

Last year, deer enjoyed munching on the buds, leaving me a sparse crop of blooms. This year, I was one step ahead of the deer. I applied an animal repellant to the lily bed. And I ended up with the best bed of lilies I’ve ever had!

One evening about a week ago, I looked out my window at the lily bed and gushed to my husband about how gorgeous they were.

Suddenly, without any warning, a hailstorm hit our neighborhood. The hailstones sounded like a thousand hammers pounding our roof. When the storm subsided after a few minutes, I looked out my window at the same flowers I’d been gushing over, and found them broken and shredded. Beauty had given way to destruction in a matter of seconds.

Life is fleeting. Let’s enjoy the lilies while we can.


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