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Twenty-seven years ago, I went through a divorce. It was a tumultuous time. I felt unsure of myself, lost in life.

An older gentleman named Don, the husband of my friend Mary, was concerned about my plight. He took it upon himself to step up and take on a fatherly role.

He helped me sort out financial issues. He helped me purchase a car. He repaired the gutter on my house after it had been damaged in a storm. He offered me advice, whether I wanted it or not. He went so far as to try to set me up with men to date, men he approved of.

I had since lost touch with Don and Mary. I hadn’t seen or heard from them in two decades.

Several nights ago, I dreamt that I was getting married. I was at the wedding venue, and it was time to start the ceremony. I looked around for my father so that he could walk me down the aisle. But I couldn’t find him.

Then, I saw that Don was there, his face glowing with a kindly, sympathetic smile. He eagerly stepped up to walk me down the aisle. Without question, I took his arm and walked with him. He gently guided me, helping me negotiate the details of the ceremony.

At one point, I saw that he had a handful of gold glitter. He tossed it on me so that I would sparkle. He gently patted my face so that the glitter would adhere to my skin.

When I awoke, I was astonished that I had encountered Don in such a vivid way in a dreamscape. I was delighted to have seen him again.

Then, I wondered, has Don passed away? Did he visit me from the other side?

I looked up his obituary on line. Sure enough, he’d passed away two years ago.

I was so touched by the fact that, once again, Don had stepped up to take on a fatherly role in my life. The dream helped me focus on something I had previously overlooked: the extent of my gratitude for what he’d done for me so many years ago.

And the sprinkling of gold glitter? Did Don shower me with blessings from the other side?


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