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I have my sharing of angst about aging. Recently, I was able to get to the heart of something that had been gnawing at the back of my mind. It is this: I haven’t been able to express all that I’ve wanted to express in this short lifetime. I haven’t been able to provide the service to the wellbeing of the planet to the extent that I’ve wanted to.

Now, it feels as if time is running out. Having experienced a life-altering injury, my brain and body no longer support everything I would like to do. Sure, I can still express and serve in small ways. But not in the way I had once envisioned.

Today, it came to me that there will be ample opportunity for service and self-expression in the next phase of my soul’s journey. The thought of that fills me with joy. Perhaps the best thing I can do with the remaining years of this life is to prepare my soul for that upcoming work, by increasing my attunement with divine will and cosmic wisdom.


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