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Here is the Author's Note for my new novel, MY GRANDPA'S SECOND WIFE. I plan to publish it in early 2022.

The idea for this story first came to me in 2005. I was so excited by the inspiration that I promptly wrote the first draft. Sadly, I was unsatisfied with the outcome. The story just didn’t feel right. I set it aside, doubting that I would ever publish it.

That initial draft languished in a drawer for years. I picked it up again in 2010 and made a series of changes. Still, it didn’t seem ready to present to readers.

I returned to the story several times over the intervening years, making improvements but never achieving what I was striving for. Between attempts at fixing this story, I wrote and published a number of other books.

In late 2019, after all my other projects were completed, I again returned to this story, wondering whether it was time to permanently call it quits. I decided to give it one last try.

This time, the story came alive in a new way. As the tragic year of 2020 rolled in, I suddenly realized why the book hadn’t worked out in previous years. It was meant to be set in the current era, the era of the Covid-19 pandemic and sharp political divides. I knew I was now ready to complete and publish the project.

So, I began refurbishing the story, giving it a brand-new title, changing the nature of my characters, making changes to the plot, enjoying every minute of the work. At last, this story has been told the way I wanted to tell it.


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