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As if I haven’t had enough challenges with my vision—photophobia and convergence insufficiency related to my brain injury along with two types of cataracts in each eye—I now have a new problem to contend with: an issue with the retina in my right eye. I am waiting to see a retina specialist.

Hearing the news about my retina problem hit me hard. After cataract surgery 2 ½ years ago, I’d thought we’d gotten things to an “as good as it’s going to get” scenario, and I expected stability for a while. But I must face another decline.

Yesterday, I was wondering whether the time is approaching when I’ll need to give up writing. But later in the day, the characters in the novel I’m working on started prodding me, revealing further developments in the story, letting me know they are not ready to be laid to rest.

And so, I regroup, make the best of the current situation, and continue.

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