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Each of us have been endowed with our unique skills and talents. One of my skills happens to be writing. I believe I am meant to be faithful in using what I have been given. Even if I am never the best or the greatest at what I do. Even if I never make much of an impression on the world. Even if I never meet any arbitrary standard of success. Even if no one ever reads a word that I write. Prior to my injury, I spent several years studying Hindu scripture at the previously mentioned ashram in Kalamazoo. The ashram’s spiritual director imparted the following truth to us students, pertaining to the work we do: “The work is yours,” he told us, “and the results are God’s.” So, faithfulness as a writer requires me to make the effort, to put in the time, and then to allow the results of my work to flow wherever they are meant to go in the universe.

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