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In my early years as a writer, I had a fear of being blocked. When starting a project, I’d worry that it would end up as a meaningless pile of words. Writing my fourth novel, BLESSED TRANSGRESSION, proved to be an exercise in trust. I had a vague concept of the story I wanted to write, but my ideas were coming to me in a jumbled mess. I despaired of ever being able to sort them out and wasn’t sure that I should even take on the project. But I decided to try an experiment. “I can’t see how this is going to work out now,” I told myself. “But I’m going to trust that it will. I’m going to start writing to see where the process takes me. If it leads me to nowhere, then I will accept that outcome.” So, I started writing, and watched in amazement as the story unfolded, essentially writing itself. Many times since then, I’ve reminded myself to apply this lesson in trust to other aspects of my life.

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