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Inspired by the BHAGAVAD GITA’s story of Arjuna and Krishna, JOHNNY AND KRIS addresses dilemmas typical of those a child might wish to avoid: cleaning a messy room, facing a test at school, apologizing for an embarrassing mistake, mustering the courage to enter an art show, dealing with the serious illness of a friend.

In each dilemma, Johnny, the child, gets scared and wants to take the easy way out. But his friend Kris keeps him on task, pointing the way to the higher self-esteem that comes with successfully working through difficult problems.

The reader might deduce that Kris is the voice of Johnny’s conscience. That is open to interpretation. My son C. Zane Shetler, who illustrated this book, has created Kris as an adorable pint-sized superhero. His drawings truly make the book!

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