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I do almost all of my writing in an upstairs bedroom of my house that I’ve turned into a writing room. A.K.A. Suzette is my one and only novel that was written downstairs.

The reason? For almost the entire year of 2013, my adult daughter Clarissa lived with my husband and me, and my writing room temporarily reverted to bedroom status. Clarissa was attending nursing school at a local college, and maintaining employment and housing for herself was getting in the way of her reaching her goal. I decided to give her a boost by allowing her to live with us so that she could put her entire focus on school.

So I had to relocate my computer to the desk in the corner of my dining room, typing away on the novel in the middle of household activity. I reached my goal of completing A.K.A. Suzette while Clarissa completed her schooling, found her own apartment, and embarked upon her career as a psychiatric nurse.

Although the living arrangement strained the nerves of everyone in the household, I wouldn’t trade that time with my daughter for anything. I was as overjoyed as she was when she completed her last exams and, just a few weeks later, passed her boards in fine form. And I suspect that writing from a different location gave me the unique perspective on A.K.A Suzette that the story needed.

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