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I’ve never done well with group participation. I find group dynamics to be frustrating, the behavior of people in groups annoying. Being the wallflower that I am, I tend to be overlooked in a group.

Attempting to speak in a group setting is an exercise in futility for me, as dominant group members drown out my quiet voice. I never achieve a leadership position in a group. I’m never the public face of any cause. I don’t feel safe in the spotlight for more than a moment at a time.

I’ve concluded that as a group member, I am a dud. I come home from group meetings feeling depressed, asking myself, “What purpose does a quiet introvert like me serve in this world?”

Recently, an answer came to me. While I may have little to offer in a group setting, I have a great deal to offer as a personal friend. That is where I shine. My handful of close friends know me to be a reliable presence in their lives, a kind, sensitive, empathetic, loyal person who understands them on a deep level, who isn’t afraid to wade into the murky waters with them during their difficult times.

That is my superpower. It’s nothing flashy. I am okay with that.


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