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There is something about the changing of the seasons that feels timeless. A hundred years ago, a thousand years ago, a hundred thousand years ago, beings on this planet perceived the spirit of winter in exactly the same way we do.

Winter’s blanket of snow invites us to rest, to burrow deep within ourselves, to gather strength for the seasons ahead. Potential grows inside us, waiting for the right time to manifest.

Winter trees, devoid of the frill of leaves, are stripped down to the breathtaking simplicity of their core strength. They stand unwavering against the backdrop of the winter sky.

Like the lone wolf on the snowy plain, winter symbolizes walking alone through cold, dark passages of our lives, drawing our strength from deep inner reserves.

Sometimes life seems dormant in the dead of winter. But if we listen deeply, allowing winter’s stillness to enfold us, we can sense the deep pulsation of enduring life.

When we are blinded by a raging winter blizzard and are unable to see the path ahead, we know we are guided, one step at a time, by a benevolent divine light.

When bitterly cold winter days feel like a hardship to endure, it opens our hearts to the suffering of all those facing adversity on our planet.

In the short, dark days approaching the solstice, we embrace every sunrise as a blessed event.


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