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HOPE’S NEW SEASON, my most recent release, is a sequel to BLESSED TRANSGRESSION, set in the Mennonite community in Goshen, Indiana. The book was written for one reason: I simply wasn’t ready to let go of Victoria Unruh and the rest of her family. At the end of BLESSED TRANSGRESSION, I left them with unfinished business, unresolved issues. I needed to travel with them a little longer, to accompany them on their quests for hope and redemption. The journey was truly a satisfying one for me.

My books have sometimes been described as “character driven.” I must admit that the reason I invest so much time with my characters is that I create them to keep me company. Much, I suppose, in the same way that a six-year-old creates imaginary friends. As I spend most of my time in solitude, carrying my characters in my heart and mind makes me feel less alone.

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