Set in the era of the Coronavirus pandemic,       
MY GRANDPA’S SECOND WIFE is a story that embraces diversity, with love reaching across cultural, racial, religious, and generational divides. Mercedes Maldonado, the child of a Caucasian mother and a long ago deported Mexican father, struggles in her marriage with her aristocratic Mexican husband. When she experiences an uncanny reconnection with a step-grandmother she hasn’t seen since she was four years old, their brief relationship brings much-needed healing to both of their lives.
"A gentle story of life through the generations in a multi-cultural family.... This is a lovely read about two women from different generations, and their blossoming friendship is wonderful to read about.... It's an enthralling tale...."          --Grace J. Reveiwerlady
As a writer, it is both my privilege and my obligation to tell the stories that flow from my heart.  No murder mysteries, spine-tingling thrillers, or salacious romances—just stories about ordinary people struggling with problems like yours and mine.  Stories about hope and redemption, stories that warm the soul and promote understanding of one's deepest self.  I love creating the flawed, quirky characters with whom my readers deeply identify.